Whole Truth Apostolic Faith Assembly first started in 1976 under the leadership of Pastor Isaiah Kenner.  In 2004, his son, Cordell Kenner, was installed as Pastor and is the current undershepherd for Whole Truth Church.  Located in the heart of Lafayette, Indiana, Whole Truth Church has been seeking to better its community by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have sought to create a welcoming, loving, church environment.  In this, we have ministries for people for all ages and all walks of life.  

Since the church was founded, Whole Truth Church has been affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.  Our presiding Bishop is Charles H. Ellis, III. 

Whole Truth's mission is to preach the apostle's doctrine.  This starts with repentence, Jesus name baptism, and the filling of the Holy Ghost.  We are to give light to them that sit in darkeness -- to guide their feet into the way of peace.  So every man, woman and child may know and enjoy the love of Jesus Christ.  Saving souls is a part of our spiritual assigfnment as set forth in the scriptures.  As ambassadors of Christ, it is imperative that we reach those that are lost. 

Whole Truth Church is able to provide its members with an exciting worship experience filled with praise, worship, spiritual dance, and more importantly, the word of God!  We seek to provide a sanctuary for growth so that members gain a deeper relationship with the Lord! 

Come and experience God's love with us and allow Whole Truth Church to usher you into our community, or, if you are already settled in Lafayette, assist you in going higher in God and birthing you into your ministry!